This is Loit

Our world is nuanced, exciting and beautiful.

I want to show how multifaceted and complex we all are.

The common themes in the articles at This Is Loit are:

  1. Everyone is relevant and important
  2. The world is gray
  3. We can be anything
  4. Everyone kindles a spark of goodness inside and they have stories to tell and lessons to teach.
  5. Every moment is new chance to redefine yourself

I hope to help people remember that they and the world are not one-dimensional.

Who am I?
I try to see the world through a critical yet open perspective and I often think in colors, sounds, shapes and moving images.  Creative and talented people like Roman Mars, Michael Stevens, Destin Sandler, Collin Furze and a little boy named Caine inspired me to start blogging.

I hope my writing resonates, makes you think and keeps you coming back to find out more.

I hope there will be more to come in the future and I would love to hear from you.