This is Love

On account of my boundless curiosity and my seemingly endless commute to the city, I have gravitated to listening to podcasts on the subway each morning as I treck from Queens all the way to the tippy-top of Manhattan ( 181st street-HOLLA!).   It helps pass the time.

I came across a podcast by Pheobe Judge called This is Love.

This would have nothing to do with the date (it’s Feb. 15th as I’m writing this), only that I just listened to their first episode called “The Run”  and it made me laugh, cry and nod along to this sweet story of one man’s love for his family.

It tracks the relationship through its euphoric highs, heartbreaking lows then levels off with an ultimately heartwarming resolution.

It really hit me where I live is what I’m saying.  I’m just glad I heard it at night in our home, not on the subway- there is no way I would have been able to hold back from hugging the guy next to me and saying “I love you, man”.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy it.  I won’t vouch for the whole series but I did just start listening to a podcast about Richard Simmons.


It seems promising.




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