Thank You For Reading


I wanted to thank all people who have read, subscribed, followed, liked and commented on TIL-This Is Loit.  For some reason, you find what I have to say interesting and you are willing to put up with all my typos.

There has been a jump in new followers recently and I wanted to welcome the new subscribers, and talk a bit about why I write.

Life is too short to be satisfied with just surviving.

This Is Loit! is dedicated to finding the meaning of life-the meaning within each moment of life as we know it because the world is a beautiful place meant to be enjoyed.

I like to write articles that focus on the misunderstood, unexpected and ignored to expose how complex (the world is grey) and wonderful life is.

My philosophy:

Too often we default into identifying ourselves in one-dimensional ways; we use our jobs, social standing and other aesthetic labels.   People who do this often spend their lives ignoring today making plans for tomorrows that may never arrive.

Titles don’t begin to scratch the surface of who we are. Who are we really?  It’s hard to say exactly, we are parents, siblings, children, friends, neighbors, mentors, helpers, creators, thinkers, givers and more.  We don’t get a salary to be any of these things so these key areas of our lives get neglected.

We should not just do whatever we enjoy, we should try to enjoy whatever we are doing.

When we embrace the totality of what we are and what we can be, in these moments we realize our vitality to people, causes and the world around us.  Through the totality of our being, we start to live and see life as a beautiful dance not a list of goals to accomplish.

I hope my writing resonates, makes you shake things up, gets you to start thinking in colors, sounds, shapes and moving images once in a while.

I write articles to make you think.

These are my essential articles:



No Time For Cameras


Life after Death


Marble Machine



I hope you keep coming back to find out more.

I hope there will be more to come in the future and I would love to keep hearing from you.

Thank you again for reading, I can’t say it better than the way I did when I realized how many people were reading-here.

***Thank you to creative and talented people like Roman Mars, Michael Stevens, Destin Sandler, Colin Furze,  a boy named Caine, my wife and my daughter who all inspire me to write.





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