Be Awesome One Day At A Time III

Today I will try to be awesome-

1-I will avoid talking about politics.  If pulled into a discussion, I will listen, shrug my shoulders and change the topic to sports: “How about that Justin Turner?”

2-I will go my entire lunch break without using my phone.  I won’t even take a picture.  Maybe I’ll daydream, go for a walk outside, read a book or talk to somebody instead.

3-I will start exercising again. (Ugh it is so boring and annoying) I’ll do it to be healthy not for the 8-pack.

4-I will take a moment of mindfulness to clear my mind and think of nothing.

5-When my son comes home from school, I will hide behind something then jump out and tackle him to the ground.


6-I will introduce my kids to Calvin and Hobbes funnies.

7-I will count my blessings.

8-I will do a secret act of Kindness.

Partial awesomeness is still some awesomeness.

Not being so awesome the next day will not undo the awesomeness already accomplished today.

For more ideas from my other post on awesomeness, click HERE and HERE!

How will you be awesome? Feel free to provide your ideas and I might use them next time.

Thank you for reading!
I hope I did my job of proving entertaining, thought-provoking content.  In this way, I hope my ideas have earned your follow/subscription. 

Liking or commenting helps me get an idea about what you got out of each piece.

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