Caine’s Arcade- Mable Machine 2

The inspiration for starting this blog came from my daughter when she insisted that I watch this video:

She said I had to watch, so I did. When it was done, I had tears in my eyes. How this boy can be so creative and so excited about his arcade amazed me.

I wrote my first two posts right after seeing it.

The amazing thing is how many people he inspired:

What’s your marble machine?

There is nothing too big or too small inside of you that isn’t worth sharing.

I had 100 reasons not to start this blog.  Caine taught me I only needed one reason…whoever is reading this right now.

Thank you for reading!
I hope I did my job of proving entertaining, thought-provoking content.  In this way, I hope my ideas have earned your follow/subscription.
Liking or commenting let’s me understand what you got out of each piece.
If you really, really, liked this post, be super awesome and help spread the word by posting to facebook or twitter or whatever.



3 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade- Mable Machine 2

    1. I read somewhere he wants to become an engineer. I never saw him from the businessman angle. Yeah there were a lot of cool lessons to take away from his story.

      By the way your post about the little boy in the cemetery broke my heart but there was something magnetic about his statue …it makes him real and tangible like you are visiting a person, not a tombstone.

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      1. YES, that is exactly why I felt he should be honored with people knowing about him. Magnetic is a perfect word – in his stance he projects power, I find it very moving in a good way. He was meant to be a “leader!”

        THANKS for your story on Caine, if the media would focus on positive stories like this every day, our world would change and be a better place. There is so much goodness out there, but the media only shows negativity! Even with the hurricane, fires, earthquakes, we need more “good” stories coming out showing how we come together and help each other.

        The community coming together to help/inspire Caine and write a song about him will change his life forever! Wonderful!


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