Today, I will try to be awesome:

I will call each of my children over during the day look them in the eye and tell them that I love them ( They will say they know…but still…)

I will cook lunch and dinner ( Lunch-Mac and cheese Dinner-Turnip/beef stew by the way).

I will complete one of the 5 books that I’m in the middle of reading.

I will try to be more of a mentor for my family and lead by a good example.

I will share something personal with a friend.

I will politely agree with someone even if they are completely wrong.  Like if somebody tells me Fred Mcgriff does not belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame, I will just nod and smile at this baseball ignoramus (why is this not a big deal?).

Each of my kids gets a piggy-back ride and a horsey ride.

There must be something in the house that is broken that I walked past 1000 times saying I will fix it later.  Today I will fix it.

I will remember to consider all the blessings in my life and thank God sincerely.

I will do a secret act of Kindness.

Partial awesomeness is still some awesomeness.

m and L

Not being so awesome the next day will not undo the awesomeness already accomplished today.

For more ideas from my other post on awesomeness, click HERE!

Thank you for reading!
I hope I did my job of proving entertaining, thought-provoking content.  In this way, I hope my ideas have earned your follow/subscription.
Liking or commenting let’s me understand what you got out of each piece.
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How will you be awesome? Feel free to provide your ideas.



      1. yes well, now you know you that it is easy. As in life, some of the best things come out better when not forced and just left to develop. And remember: You needn’t be the main ingredient but try to be the secret ingredient.


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