5 thoughts on “Texas On My Mind

  1. Treba biti zahvalan za male stvari, da bi nam svemir dao i one velike. Ako ne prepoznamo ljepotu u onome sto imamo, necemo biti zahvalni niti za velikim stvarima, jer nikad nam nece biti dosta i uvijek cemo htjeti vise i vise. Ljepota se krije u jednostavnosti, sitnicama koje cine zivot lijepim….

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    1. Google translate is amazing. I put Kristina’s comment into the box, and pressed detect language. Apparently, its Bosnian and it means:
      He should be grateful for small things, so that the universe would give us great things too. If we do not recognize the beauty of what we have, we will not be grateful either for the great things, because we will never be enough and we will always want more and more. Beauty is hidden in simplicity, the little things that make life beautiful ….
      Sounds right


      1. Google prevoditelj je prilicno dobar. Ima nekih gramatickih pogrešaka, al dobro prevodi. Hvala na citanju Ben G, 😀


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