Who do you think you are II: Shine on you crazy Diamond!

(You can read part 1 of my "Who Do You Think You Are" series here)

What makes us important?

One of the most widely recognized and treasured classical music compositions is Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (There is no way you haven’t heard it).  As ubiquitous as it is now, it was barely known in its time, not even published until decades after Mozart’s death. This soaring, whimsical, rousing work would become his posthumous calling card. Did Mozart have any idea?

Everyone knows who Van Gogh is now but it wasn’t until after his death that he enjoyed breakthrough notoriety.   Could that shabby, struggling artist have ever imagined his works would sell for millions one day?

Diamonds in the rough; how many are sitting under our noses today, undiscovered and unappreciated?

Greatness goes unnoticed all the time.  Just look in the mirror.

You are a diamond too.

If we see ourselves holistically- all the things we are from one moment to the next- we will see our vitality to the world.  We can defy labels, be ourselves and see everything in a whole new light.  The only one who needs to notice is you.  Shine on you crazy Diamond!

If you want, you can define yourself by your Job, accomplishments, beliefs, nationality, religion, or an experience but I think we are much more complicated than that. During good times, we are still vulnerable and in harsh times we are still valuable.  We could reach success in one area while things are crumbling in others.  We can have little and still feel rich.

Jobs? Diplomas? Status?Accomplishments? These things drive us but won’t matter if you find yourself sitting at the dinner table with little clue how to relate to your family or forgot about all the simple ways there are to just enjoy life.

It would be liberating to embrace every role we play each day as mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, students, children, teachers, helpers, creators, thinkers, searchers and more. We are all of these things put together.

We are important because everything we do can be a treasure.  In a hundred years all the works of Mozart could be forgotten, the Louvre could burn to the ground but the everyday things we do in all the roles we play are forever.  Artists make paintings. Musicians compose symphonies.  Those aren’t real treasures compared to what we are. Day by day, we create our own kind of masterpiece: life.

(You can read part 1 of my "Who Do You Think You Are" series here)



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