Shine A little light


As you know, I am obsessed with that marble machine video.

In the same spirit,  I wanted to share another video with you.

Within 5 seconds of the seeing video starting, you will see why- The song was written by Yitzy Hurwitz, a Rabbi who is suffering from ALS.

Before he was stricken with his illness, I am told that he was such a vibrant, active and charismatic man.

Now, Rabbi Yitzi’s body is decimated.  His disease has progressed so that this man can now only move his eyes and mouth.  I don’t feel pity towards him -as many might – but I am actually in awe of him.  You cannot keep a great man down.  He is showing us that even if your body will not let you, you can still do amazing things.

He wrote this song before his illness and you can see the contrast between the way he is now and how he was when he was healthy.

I try to stress that we are all full of limitless potential and we are so much more than we can ever imagine.

In this life, we are all looking to some degree for some relevance or self-importance.  With this song and his weekly blog, Yitzy is making a difference.  He may not be able to move but he is very much alive, vibrant and cherished by his family and many, many more people as I hope you will be able to see.

I am also touched and inspired by the way the  Jewish people in his community have come out to support and take care of him and in his family in ways that I cannot imagine.

There is life after tragedy and if we are creative, we can find ways to shine our light for others and make the world brighter.

Now, think of all the gifts we have.  Think of this song- “shine a little light” it makes me want to use my strengths to make the world better in whatever way I can.   I hope this makes sense…it is kind of hard to articulate really.  I hope you see something similar when you watch and choose to share it with someone else.

The first 5 times I saw this, I cried 5 times.

I do not know who many of the singers are but it seems like they all came together to bring his song to life for Rabbi Yitzy.  I think the message transcends his religion. I think you will agree.

I found it to be so powerful and emotional. Get a friend and some Kleenex.

If it makes us all hold our loved ones closer or be thankful a bit more or you just want to help another person more, it was worth seeing this. 

Have a bright and shiny day.


4 thoughts on “Shine A little light

  1. Shine shine shine
    suggestion: articles about twilight zone episodes.

    P.S. the video now has almost 320,000 views, about a third of the goal of a million views


    1. I like the shine, shine shine part, I think it brings it home.
      Still not cool that he does not have 1mil. If only they had used more Alex Clare more. Yes, Twilight zone episodes should weave their way in. Any more suggestions are welcome. All the best!


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