Today, I will try to be awesome:

I will get up after just the 2nd time I hit snooze on my alarm.

I will be patient when the driver in front of me did not see the light turn green because they were on their phone.  I will choose not to honk.

I will smile when I don’t feel like it, and I may even hum a happy tune.

I will pay close attention to my wife when she is talking.

I will pay people compliments just to make them feel good.

I will stop and think about how lucky I am and become concerned for others when I hear an ambulance siren.

I will try hard to see someone else’s point of view and resist the urge to convince them how wrong they really are even if it is that same tired argument about who would win in a fight between Steven Segal and Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris by the way).

I will finally do that thing that my wife asked me to do  2 weeks ago.

I will help out a coworker.

I will wait until the other person is finished talking before I speak.

I will let someone cut ahead of me in line at the grocery store.

I will do a secret act of kindness

I will call my mom just to tell her that I love her, then call her again two hours later just to tell her again that I love her.

I will lose on purpose in a game of Candyland with my son.

I will read to my children for an hour before bedtime.

I will do these things out of concern for others.

I will read in bed before I go to sleep instead of watching Dude Perfect or those videos where they cut cake perfectly over and over.

Partial awesomeness is still some awesomeness.

Not being awesome the next day will not undo the awesomeness already accomplished.

Thank you for reading!
I hope I did my job of proving entertaining, thought-provoking content.  In this way, I hope my ideas have earned your follow/subscription.
Liking or commenting let’s me understand what you got out of each piece.
If you really, really, liked this post, be super awesome and help spread the word by posting to facebook or twitter or whatever.

How will you be awesome? Feel free to provide your ideas.



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